Vision, Values and Ethos

The Wykebeck Way

Wykebeck Primary School is committed to ensuring all children fulfill their potential. We are an inclusive and diverse school and the core values of democracy, tolerance, rules and liberty respect are embedded in all aspects of school life.

Our school is a safe and secure place where children can develop their talents and self-belief. We believe that learning is for life and that our whole school community will develop the skills they need to contribute positively to our ever-changing world.

We want everyone to have:

  • The empathy to recognise and accept other’s views and beliefs.
  • The curiosity and confidence to question and investigate.
  • The resilience to keep going when faced with challenge.
  • The skills to seek different solutions to a problem, analyse and self-evaluate.

We aim to embed these learning habits into the way our children think, so that they have enjoyment of lifelong learning beyond their school experience. Then they can become independent learners of the future.

We call these our 'learning muscles',

We are 'learning together for life’