School Council

New school councillors are being voted in very soon for 2017-2018

School Council

Our school council is made up of children from each class from year 1 to year 6. Older pupils will support those children in reception and nursery to get their views heard too.

Each child was elected by their peers in September 2016, we use a fair system that reflects how voting takes place in Britain.

We hold meetings at least each half term to discuss how we can help in school and put forward the children’s ideas.

We will help with school events by writing letters, designing posters, helping new children in school, showing visitors around school etc.


Our School Councillors are:

Year 2- Logan

year 3- Aimee and Kody

Year 4- Korede

Year 5- Salsa and Rami

Year 6- Kamalpreet and Kingdom 


Below you will see some of our School Councillors attending the launch event of a brand new Bupa Care Home that will be opening in our local community very soon. Pupils had to write down their hopes and dreams for the future to be buried in a time capsule. (You may need to use the turn page option on the top right)