Take-Away homework:

Each half term children will receive a ‘take-away’ homework sheet. This sheet will have 12 activities that the children can choose from.

All the activities are based on learning that will happen over the half term. Children can choose which one they complete each week.

These activities need to be completed in your child’s learning log and handed in. KS1 will have a challenge to complete one every half term and KS2 will need to complete one every 2 weeks.

Make sure your child reads what the teacher has written- an extra challenge may have been set.

 Reading at home:

  • Your child can read their reading book, their favourite book or any other reading, to you each night.
  • When your child is reading to you it would be great if you could ask them questions about what they are reading, or talk about the events in the book. The reading guidance leaflet sent home by our Literacy coordinator will help you with this. If you don’t have a copy please ask and I will get you a new one.
  • Can you please sign their reading record and comment on how well they did? The teachers will have also signed it and given your child a target to work on.

 Times tables:

Each week we will focus on a different times table. These will indicated in your child’s learning log, along with any activities to support this.

As your child progresses they may be set a challenge to practise a mixture of times tables or to learn the division facts that go alongside them. Guidance will be added to learning logs if this is the case.

Literacy and Numeracy

Each week you child will be given homework to practise a skill they have learnt in class or develop learning in an area. Your class teacher will explain this to your child before it is handed out.