Healthy School

At Wykebeck Primary School we believe in our collective responsibility to support and enable each other to grow healthily, safely and responsibly and to become active citizens who recognise the importance of developing sustainable and positive relationships with each other and our environments.

In this respect, we fully embrace the aims of Leeds Healthy Schools.  For more information, see



Healthy Schools builds on the underlying principles of the English National Healthy School Programme and content is aligned to the Ofsted framework and guidance.

Within our school community, we want to help our children unlock their full potential and become dynamic, caring and ambitious young people. We aim to support and develop every child so they can live healthy, active lives and encourage and educate children in make positive choices in their lives.

There are four main focus areas attached to Healthy Schools:

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health:

We want to make sure that all our children are happy. We want to make sure we celebrate their successes and that they all feel valued in school. We want children to know that their voice and opinions are valid and listened to and ensure they know how to seek help and advice when they need it.

Healthy Eating:

We want to see happy, healthy eaters in our dining hall and at our Breakfast Club. We aim to educate and encourage children so they enjoy and feel empowered making the right choices about the food they eat and, that they understand more about what it means to have a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Physical Activity:

We want to see children and staff who love to be active! All children take part in the national Daily Mile programme.  More information can be found at

We encourage children to take part in our after school clubs, in activities at Breakfast Club and at break and lunchtimes and that all children look forward to their PE lessons. We also want staff to take care of themselves and join in with some after school sports too!


We want to ensure that all our children are educated and aware so that they can make informed and positive choices in all aspects of their life. We support this through our shared ethos assemblies, PSHE curriculum and in our school activities and environments.