'We respect everyone!'
'The ‘Wykebeck Values’ curriculum makes a positive contribution to pupils’ personal development and their preparedness for life outside school. Pupils understand the importance of tolerance and respect for others.
Pupils show positive attitudes to their learning.' (Ofsted 2021)
'Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe in the community. For example, they learn about water, fire and bike safety. Pupils know how to keep themselves safe online. Pupils told inspectors a range of ways to stay safe when using the internet.'
(Ofsted 2018.)
Our Recent Local Authority review findings;
Overall children are well mannered and polite throughout school. This has been seen on numerous visits to the school. Children were very animated around the science topic and clearly enjoy the practical side of science and the investigation they have undertaken’
Our Parent Survey Result May 2021:

96% said their child was happy and safe in school

96% said the school ensured pupils were well behaved.

Parents with pupils who have Special Educational Needs all said their child received the right support.

99% said there is a good range of subjects taught.

93% would recommend the school to another parent.


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