Year 4

Welcome to Griffins and Centaurs class page. Here you will find lots of fun, exciting and creative learning, children who enjoy challenging themselves and stretching their learning muscles to achieve their own learning targets. 
The Year 4 teachers are Miss Isherwood and Miss Corradini.
Year 4 Teaching assistants are Mrs Khan and Mrs Ellis.
Summer Term
Welcome to a new term!
Below you will find details of our learning. If you have any further questions about this please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Year 4 team. 
In maths we will be focussing on:
  • Converting units of measurement
  • Timestables
  • Converting decimals, fractions and percentages
  • Solving problems and reasoning questions
In Literacy we will be writing our very warning tales, inspired by our core story of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.  We will be looking at a model text and using this to develop our own writing. We will be focusing on the structure, grammar and subject specific language for this text.
We will also be writing a diary entry in the theme of a Victorian Child, linking with our Topic learning.
We will be focusing on developing a cursive handwriting style and the overall presentation of writing. 
In Science we will be learning about Animals including Humans. We will be learning the parts of the digestive system, understanding the functions of these parts and why this is an important part of our bodies. We will also be looking at the different types of teeth we have and how to keep our teeth healthy.
In Topic we will be learning about The Victorians. We will be focusing on the life of Victorian child and the differences between rich and poor. We will be visiting Armley Mills Museum to spend a living as a Victorian.  We will order order events throughout Victorian Britain on a Historical Timeline.
In PE we will be playing football. We will focus on how to use equipment correctly and safely, develop our accuracy when aiming for targets and how to work well as a team.
Reading and Attendance
Please remember school opens at 8.40am. This is a chance for your child to read with an adult in class. Please feel free to join your child and listen to them read until 8.55am.
It is important that you continue bringing your child to school every day so they do not miss any of our important learning!
Lineham Farm Residential
The children had a wonderful time at Lineham Farm!
They participated in many activities, including: wall climbing, feeding farm animals, games night and team building activities.
See some of our photos below:
Our Trip to Armley Mills