Year 2

Welcome to Leopards and Lions class page.
Here you will find lots of fun, exciting and creative learning, children who enjoy challenging themselves and stretch their learning muscles to achieve targets. 
The Year 2 teachers are Mrs Jennings, Miss French and Miss Banks.
We hope you've had a brilliant summer and ready to start Year 2 with a bang!
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     Autumn 1 
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This term we will be learning all about Where The Wild Things Are. We will be using Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing to support our independent story writing. 
Place Value
In maths we will be focusing on:
* Ordering numbers to 100
* Place value - tens and ones 
* Greater than and less than 
* Partitioning 
* Adding and subtracting 1 and 2 digit numbers 
* Formal written methods of addition and subtraction 
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Living Things and their Habitats
In science we will be learning all about living things and their habitats. We will be identifying things that are dead or alive, mapping habitats, identifying animals and their habitats, researching facts about different habitats, identifying how an animal is suited to its habitat and how some animals in a habitat depend on each other and food chains. 
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Our Local Environment
In topic we will be looking at our local environment. We will be looking at Gipton, identifying where we live in the world, exploring atlas' and navigating to find specific parts of the world, learning the seven continents of the world, learning the five oceans and comparing different cities in the world. 
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School opens at 8.40am This is a chance for your child to read on the morning. Please feel free to join your child and listen to them read until 8.55am every morning.