Year 1

Welcome to year one!
Spring 1
This term we will be learning about senses, the body and animal types. 
In English we will be imitating and editing our own wishing tale on Dr.Dog. We will be sequencing sentences to form a wishing tale. We will include a capital letter and correct punctuation in simple sentences. We will re-read our writing to check it makes sense. 
In Phonics we are learning alternative graphemes (letters that make up a sound) for different phonemes (sounds letters make). We will be decoding and sorting real words and alien words to practise our decoding skills and matching captions to pictures. You could help at home by listening to your child read for 5 minutes each night. 
In Maths, we are looking at reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 50. We will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction. Children have also been learning the greater than, less than and equal to symbols to compare number sentences. We are also representing number sentences in a variety of ways such as using ten frames, part whole models and bar models. 
In Science we will have been looking at the human body and the classification of animals. We have also been looking at how we keep our body healthy and promoting exercise through P.E lessons and the daily mile. 
Early morning reading is still a priority and doors are open at 8.40am for you to come in to the classroom and read with your child. We are also looking for volunteers to come into class during the school day to listen to children read. If you are interested, please speak to a member of the year 1 team. 
PE will be on a Thursday so please make sure you send a named PE kit with your child on these days. You could leave the kit in school for the whole half term.  We will be developing our hand/eye co-ordination as we learn new skills. 
In year 1 we are hoping to have visitors from Dog's Trust and ZooLab. Details will be out shortly. 
Miss Filer and Miss Sleigh