SMSC/British Values

In June 2014 Prime Minister David Cameron emphasised the important role that British Values can play in education. Further, how well a school promotes such values is now an aspect of OFSTED inspections.

Although this is something new in significance for schools, it is not something new at Wykebeck Primary School. British values are promoted in so much of what we do, not least in our school assemblies, RE and PSHE lessons.

Of course as well as actively promoting British values, the opposite also applies: that we would actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British values, including “extremist” views.

The term “British Values” might be slightly misleading in that these values are integral to so many countries throughout the world – they differ in no way from the values of most countries.

Below are a few examples of how we promote British values:

  • Being part of Gipton, Leeds and Britain.
  • As a school we value and celebrate the diverse heritages of everyone at Wykebeck Primary School. Alongside this, we value and celebrate being part of our local community and Britain. This means that we celebrate traditions, such as customs during the year, for example Harvest Festival during the Autumn term when we also collect for the local food bank in our local area. We also value and celebrate national events such as Remembrance Day, The Jubilee, The Olympics and other major sporting events.