Nursery Giraffes

Welcome to Wykebeck Nursery. Places are now available in Nursery for September 2018, including 30 hours places. Please contact the school office.

The Nursery children have been searching high and low for minibeasts in our outdoor area this term.  They have closely examined snails, caterpillars, butterflies and worms. They are now branching out into different types of beetles. 


Please support your child's learning by looking for different minibeasts in your garden or on the way to school. You can send your photos to


 We are now going 'Under the Sea' to learn about creatures in the depths. 


We are hoping that the sunny weather continues. Please send your child to school with some sun tan lotion already applied. They also need a sun hat and a cap-sleeved top to protect their shoulders. 


For children that are starting school in September, please continue to promote their independence. They need to be able to put on their own coat and shoes.  They also need to be able to go to the toilet independently.