Staffing Structure

Head Teacher                                    Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Sykes                                           Mrs Crowther-Riley


Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs Jennings (Quality of Education)

Mrs Wilkinson (Complex Needs and Inclusion)

Miss Easton (Early Reading)

Mr Linton (Inclusion and Behaviour)

Mr Mulvihill (Assessment and Standards)


Nursery Teacher

Miss Phoenix                                     Support Staff: Miss Dowding and Miss Parker


Reception Teachers

Miss Geers                                         Support Staff: Mrs Duckett and Miss Laird

Miss Webb        


Year 1 Teachers

Miss Banks                                          Support Staff: Miss Cole, Miss Field

Miss Easton

Miss Stacey


Year 2 Teachers

Miss Isherwood                                Support Staff: Miss Gittins, Mrs Haywood

Mrs Cape


Year 3 Teachers

Miss Kanda                                         Support Staff: Mr Foster, Mrs Khan

Miss Smith


Year 4 Teachers

Miss French                                        Support Staff: Miss Kay and Mrs Joy

Miss Barker

Miss Kendall


Year 5 Teachers

Miss Holmes                                      Support Staff: Mrs Browne and Miss Milne

Mr Baird


Year 6 Teachers

Mr Mulvihill                                        Support Staff: Mr Cockerham and Miss Donachie

Miss Anderson

Miss Clunie


Learning Support Team

Mrs Simpson, Miss Hussain and Mrs Hussain


Family Liaison and Child Protection

Miss Oldroyd, Miss Evans and Miss Tasker


Office Team

Mrs MacDonald, School Business Manager

Miss Lavin, Administrator

Miss Hatton, Administrator


Lunchtime Supervisor Team

Miss Houghton, Mrs Javed and Miss Busuttil


Site Superintendent

Mr Hall