D-Day Anniversary

Anniversary of D-Day

A number of parents, members of the community and staff have suggested that it would be great to have a community celebration of the anniversary of D-Day.  We very much welcome suggestions and ideas and this would be a perfect opportunity to showcase the children’s talents. The children learn about significant events in History as part of their curriculum and it would be wonderful if they could share some of these with their families.

On Friday 14th June, we would like to invite you to join your child for a performance and picnic. We have chosen a time after the anniversary so that the children will have seen the coverage on TV and be more acquainted with the true reason to celebrate. We have also been very busy finishing off our SATs assessments.

School gates will be opened at 1.45-2:00.

At 2:00pm, children will perform songs and poems from the era and then parents will be invited to join our picnic. We would like to ask parents to donate food to enjoy at the picnic.

At 3:00pm, the children will return to the classroom and be picked up as usual.

We look forward to seeing you on the day! Everyone is welcome.